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Coffee Mug, Ninja -

It's a Ninja Mug and it's awesome!
Do you love coffee? I know I do and I love Ninjas and Martial Arts, obviously.
If you are into martial arts on action moves then you probably like the ninjas. 

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Action Movies, Love, Movie Set, Romance -

So there is this natural hierarchy on set, it takes a little bit of getting used to. It is this, you can't cross departments and departments heads are the only ones who can. What does this mean?

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Action Movies, Screenplay, Scripts -

OK so first up if you are the kind of person who skims the first bit of an article then I will lay it out for you in seven easy steps.

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Action Movies, big budget, low budget -

It is all about perceived production value

Getting a budget together to film is the biggest challenge any filmmaker makes, because it is tough to get money out of people. So if you do then you have a responsibility to give them the best chance to get their money back and more. 

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Action Movies, Tips, Update 06-2020 -

It takes just as long to make a bad action movie as it does to make a good one.

The effort required is also about the same, so the trick is that you do things a bit differently and do a little bit of thinking to work out how to get the most of every second on screen.  

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