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Action Movie, actor -

We all know it. The film industry is brutal. It is full of knock backs and doors closing. It has to be there are only so many projects and only so many roles available.

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Action Movie, actor, dead body -

The other day I took a gig as a dead body in a movie.

Action peeps will always have to die on screen or play a fallen bad guy for a dead body shot.

It seems like an easy thing to do but there are different ways to die and you may have to stay perfectly still for an extended period of time and this includes not breathing. This time can be a minute, so can you hold your breath for the time. 

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Action Movies, actor, Showreel -

What is the number one biggest mistake actors make when it comes to showreels?

It seems logical for you to ease people into who you are and you slowly show them the awesome skills you have. 

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Ever looked up action on the internet to find that action movie, actor or info how to get into the action film industry.

I know I did and what comes up is things like action plan or take action, you get the picture. So I got to thinking about why action movies got called that. Was it just that there is action on the screen.

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Do most filmmakers get it wrong?

Is your trailer an after thought and once you have shot the film you then decide that you need a trailer because that is what you do.

Have you really considered what a movie trailer actually does?

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