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Ever looked up action on the internet to find that action movie, actor or info how to get into the action film industry.

I know I did and what comes up is things like action plan or take action, you get the picture. So I got to thinking about why action movies got called that. Was it just that there is action on the screen.

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Do most filmmakers get it wrong?

Is your trailer an after thought and once you have shot the film you then decide that you need a trailer because that is what you do.

Have you really considered what a movie trailer actually does?

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We love a strong hero, they have to be strong because they are more than a normal human. They can jump higher and fight harder and they need to be smarter. They are the Hero, if they are just like us then they are an extra and who wants to watch a movie about extras...oh wait

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Action Movies, editing -

Please let us in, we thought up the action and fights, we chose the angles and how to shoot it but when it comes to post production we don't get brought in to bring the pieces together to bring the magic.

It's crazy right, but it happens early every time.

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Free movie hosting and streaming and 100% of the profits.

Well minus bank charges, but you keep the rest. We don't want it, we want you to have it.

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