5 easy ways to make a better action movie, you will love number 4

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5 easy ways to make a better action movie, you will love number 4

5 easy ways to make better action movies.

It takes just as long to make a bad action movie as it does to make a good one.

The effort required is also about the same, so the trick is that you do things a bit differently and do a little bit of thinking to work out how to get the most of every second on screen.  

Here are five tips to increase the production value of your film. These aren't the only ones, but it's a very easy and inexpensive way to increase the production value of your action movie.

Pick Good Locations

A good location can increase your production value immediately. Dress it well but don't over do it, find the look and style of your film and present each image in that way. Stick to your own rules. Find friends who have a business or make friends with someone who has a location you like, and in time when you want to shoot you can get a great deal as you are now friends and of course if they aren't interested then you can still stay friends, there is no need to use people, but fostering great friendships and business relationships is a must.

Learn Lighting

The difference between a nice shot and a great shot is lighting. You are painting with light, it doesn't matter what lights you have in the beginning, later on, yes as your budget and requirements for delivery is greater. In the beginning learn about gobos and how to cut and angle light and what it does to the image. Also light your background and your foreground or performers with a separate light. Don't try to do both with the one light as you will just have to pull back or push the lighting in post and you may not have enough information in the pixels to do what you need. Try to get it as close as possible in camera with a plan to make adjustments later.

Find Your Action Style

If you have a look that you are going for it is always handy to find fights similar to what you want to do and show the key cast and crew so they know what you are going for. If you don't have your own style yet and are still learning, then the fastest way to learn and have a good product is to copy someone else. You don't have to do it exactly but a punch is a punch and a kick is a kick so in the course of someone elses movie there are many shots that you can copy and go through their film and use the individual moves to create your fight scene. Get on your edit software and create the scene. It is just a guide and you will quickly see what needs changing and what needs adding or subtracting in the fight, plus you will naturally come up with new shots as you will have to fill in the gaps. It is a great way to fast track your action direction.

Break Stuff

There are so many ways to make breakaways. Chairs that fall apart and can be easily put back together. Balsa wood bats that are dusted with powder and back lit so the bat explodes on a back of the baddie. You can even make a bread doe and include saw dust or some kind of powder and bake it into a plate and then hit it with paint and you have a smash-able plate, sugar glass beer bottles or if you can't get hold of that then you can make one out of candle wax.

Honestly the internet has so many ways you can cheaply increase the production value to any action scene that you want to make.

I once cut up a plastic bottle so it would break and put crushed ice in it and added a tiny bit of iced tea and bam you have a beer bottle to smash on a head. Worked great, looked like broken glass but was just ice and the jagged plastic bottle base, but equally as important it was a fun thing to do on set.

You Have To Act

whoever is on screen has to act. You just have to . You can have an acting background or not. If you do and you have done theatre and classes and been on set before, then keep doing you its all cool.

If you are a non actor but you like to fight on screen then all you have to do is pick a job or someone that you have interacted with in the past and use that as a way to act. For example if you have worked in a restaurant and have worked on a building site, at these two jobs you have to act differently to fit in with the job requirements and the types of people you deal with and in what capacity. So when you have to play a character pick one that fits in with what you have already done in your life. and a colourful life just means you have more characters to play on screen.

So that's our five tips to make any action film that much better and they are all really cheap if not free.


Get creative and do what you can to improve your production value and audience enjoyment and you will be on a winner.

Keep learning and trying new things and you can always use our step by step action movie manual for free as a gold member or it is available for purchase form our store for non members.

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