Brie Larson - Like her or hate her, but at least she acknowledged her stunt team

Action Movie, Brie Larson -

Brie Larson - Like her or hate her, but at least she acknowledged her stunt team

Brie Larson - Like her or hate her, but at least she acknowledged her stunt team

Captain Marvel as a film well, who are we to say what you like or don't like. Brie Larson as a person or actress again you decide where you stand on that, honestly we don't really care. Who are we to say what is good or bad.

Let's give her some credit though for bringing up the stunt doubles on stage at the MTV awards and giving them credit.

Larson wont the award for best fight scene with Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel movie, but she did something that most actors don't do. She acknowledged and brought on stage her stunt doubles, Renae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennett.

Bennett had this to say - “A big thank-you to Brie for acknowledging our role in this film,” she said. “It’s truly a rare acknowledgement and it means so much not only to both of us, but to the entire stunt community.”

Why is this so important?

Well Larson has this view - “I wanted to take this moment to really say thank you to the two women who are standing here beside me,” she said. “These are the women that trained me and were also the stunt doubles for ‘Captain Marvel.’ I could not have made this film without them. They are really the baseline of who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.”

This is important because from the stunt and action teams perspective, we put in a lot of work and I mean a lot.

We accept that many actors have little control of their bodies, and can't really fight and can't afford to be hurt from the perspective of the production of the film.

So we work long hours with performers over and over, for what to us seems simple and we could walk on set and do it unrehearsed with little to no problems. But actors are different, they train to act not to fight and do stunts.

We take all the bumps and have to modify the action and we give them the moments that they can look good.

This is not always easy and although they thanks us and we bond closely with the actors, we are often forgotten as soon as our job is done. They don't want us on the red carpet we take away the illusion that they are a real life bad ass.

We know this and it's ok to a point, you see we don't get any recognition by the academy and can't win Oscars for the work we do. Everyone else can but not us. Why is that?

There is the Taurus awards for the stunt industry but unless you are in the industry then you have probably never heard of it.

Here is the truth, the stunt team are the wild ones, we are the true bad asses of film, we do every day the sorts of activities that many fear to do or get a big rush if they do. You can hit us with a car and set us on fire and when you meet us we would probably never tell you about it or just brush it off like it is no big deal.

We risk our lives and bleed so you can enjoy your action films and we love to do it, but it is rare that we get noticed.

So from stunties all over the world, Thank you Brie Larson for stepping up and giving the girls and the wider stunt community some credit. Respect to you from us.

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