Cinema Event or Stay Home and Stream

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Cinema Event or Stay Home and Stream

Is cinema dead?

The idea that cinema is dead is not a new concept at all. Roberto Rossellini claimed that cinema was dead in 1961 and that TV was where it was at.

Rossellini's father built the first cinema in Rome, the "Barberini", a theater where movies could be projected, granting his son an unlimited free pass; the young Rossellini started frequenting the cinema at an early age. When his father died, he worked as a sound maker for films and for a certain time he experienced all the ancillary jobs related to the creation of a film, gaining competence in each field. Rossellini had a younger brother, Renzo, who later scored many of his films. (Wikipedia)

Let's break in down in a modern setting

You can look at many things and i'm sure I will miss something and you can drop a comment as well, but let's look at it.



Ticket vs Stream

Let's get the big one out of the question, ticket sales.

In Australia tickets cost around $25 each or around $10 usd. As the numbers of people reduce we have noticed that the cost of tickets has steadily increased to counter the lack of numbers. We have all gone to see a block buster movie in the first week or two only to find you are alone. int he 80s and 90s cinemas were always packed and you would often not even get a ticket. Now you can book online and secure your ticket and seat, and then when you get there you just sit where ever you want because, well you can.

Streaming can either be a monthly cost for say Netflix which is $10 a month for as many films and TV shows as you want. You can rent a streamed movie also for up to around $20 and it lasts for a few days and you can watch that film several times if you want to.



You can't go to the cinema and not get popcorn and a drink and if you are like me, one of those chocolate covered ice creams. This cost is easily another $25 to $30 for each person.

If you are at home then you can pop your own corn for a few cents, pour whatever drink you like and if you want it can be your favourite alcoholic one. As far as ice cream goes, I am there with the tub a spoon and ready to defend against anyone trying to get a taste.



Many cinemas are in shopping centres and if you are lucky you may get a few hours for free, so now you are doing the maths to decide if you will be out in time or not. if you don't get free parking then you may be looking at another $20 in parking fees. We won't be petty and discuss fuel and wear and tear.

Some may have to pay for parking at home if they live in a heavily populated city environment, but most people have free parking in their garage or on the street. 


The Quality Experience

It has long been believed that cinema is higher quality and that the sound system is the best. This has been true for a long time and although big TVs and sound systems have been around for a while the cost was far to much for the general population.

Home entertainment systems have changed greatly in recent years and the costs are way down making high quality large images and surround sound available to the customers.



You have to pack up the kids

If you have kids then you know how much of an effort it is to get them together and then take them to the cinema and hope that it is a great experience and that your toddler doesn't turn and make the whole event a nightmare.

If you stream at home then you are already there and if they muck around then you can stop the movie, send them to bed or whatever you do to keep them in line and playing by the rules. Plus no social embarrassment, but you do miss out on the cinema experience with your family.


You need clothes to go out

Yep we are going there. You have to dress up a bit and to present yourself in public. When you are at home you can just stay in bed.


Bathroom Breaks

We all know that feeling when you have finished your drink and you need a bathroom break. A the cinema you have to hope you pick a moment to go that you don't miss much and there are websites dedicated to letting you know when is the best time to go. Even if you go when they say and get back as fast as possible, you still missed it and you paid good money for it. Many films these days are in the 2 hour and above mark and many people need a break in the time period. 

At home press pause and then come back, yep that's it.


Single watch verses multiple watches.

Lots of people like to watch a movie more than once and if you really love it then you will pay the money again to see it in the cinema and of course that is your choice.

If you are streaming or renting you can easily watch it multiple times and in many cases it doesn't cost you anymore. I often watch films i have seen many times because i love it, I have one playing right now as I am typing this and I will watch it when the scenes come up that I want to watch or want a little thinking break.


Social distancing, what do you risk 

This is a new one i our global world. It's sensitive so I will brush over it but if you are out and about then you can be exposed to something but if you are at home then the chances and close to zero. 


Event of going to the Movies


There is nothing like going to the movies on a date. Not always the best thing for a first date as you aren't getting to know each other but it is great way for couples to spend some time together. 

Watching a movie at home although is convenient it doesn't have the same feel. Good luck trying to convince a first date to come to your house for a movie, I think that would be a deal breaker for many.


Teenagers meeting up

There is no doubt that teenagers will always go to the movies. Why because they get a sense of freedom and adventure when they are there. Teenagers use it for dating and socialising and for getting up to some fun. It's natural and normal and even though it's good to have friends come over to your house, the opportunity for adventure is greatly diminished. 


Die hard cinema snobs 

We all have that friend who is a cinema snob, they always go to the cinema and they look down on you if you didn't watch the movie in the cinema, because you didn't get the full movie experience. Yes they do have a point as there is something about watching the movie on the big screen especially if you worked on it. The reality is that if the film is good then it will be just as good at home. If the movie needs the cinema to hold you then maybe the film isn't quite there.


Interactive cinema

There is no doubt that cinema can create a bigger experience with it trying again the push for 3d which is at best a novelty and for many gives audience a headache and can only watch for short periods of time and not the full length of the film.

They also can create 4d with moving sets, spray you with smell.

This is all great and all but it's a gimmick and not a long term sustainable and you can even have your own 3d TV and maybe a scratch and sniff.


Release dates and being able to discuss with your friends

This one is a clear winner for cinema until we get immediate release to online platforms.

We love to discuss films with friends either right after the film or the following days and if you want to be in the discussion then you probably have to go to see it at the cinema.

Of course there are illegal download sites but we don't endorse that as it's harmful for film creators.  


Future for the cinemas

So it is pretty clear that online services are going to win in the future but what can cinema do.

Boutique cinema

There is a growing trend of smaller cinemas releasing older films and such to keep the dream alive.


Drive in

Can you believe that drive in movies are making a come back, honestly i'm really happy about that. I have many fond memories or going to a drive in with my friends and family. Watching a movie while sitting in your car does solve the social distancing issue, not to mention how nice it can be for couples.


Stadium screenings

Sporting stadiums both indoor and outdoors have more than enough ability for a large cinema experience.

I know it sounds over the top but if you consider that it has already started happening for video game events. They can easily play online but there is a large social aspect to getting together with like minded fans.


What do you think?

Whatever happens on e thing is sure that you can get your film fix from many places these days and as long as you are supporting the industry then the industry thanks you.

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