Great Action Movies - What do they need?

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Great Action Movies - What do they need?

What makes for a great action movie?

An action film is like any other film in it's structure

Firstly it needs a point, please have a point. You are asking people who don't know or care about you to give up some time of their life to watch your movie. So do right by them.

There has to be one major objective of the movie. something for so and so be able to do such and such. Your protagonist trying to achieve their key objective. Bruce Willis wanting to spend time with his family for Christmas even if he has to take down terrorists to do it, yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie, just a very violent one.

Then it needs something to stop it, thingy me bob wants the thing for them selves or wants to stop so and so from being able to do such and such. That would Hans and his evil plan to get the money. How good was Hans, honesty Alan Rickman is awesome. This also brings up an interesting point on perspective. Hans is the protagonist in his story and Bruce Willis is the antagonist. The thing is that in movies like as in life everyone thinks they are doing the right thing and its others who are wrong. Stories are about perspective and whose story is being told and from whose point of view.

Then you have smaller versions of this structure over a single scene or over several scenes to achieve small objectives to achieve the greater goal. 

One for over a few scenes could be when Bruce is trying to find a pair of shoes he can wear. One over a single scene could be when they are trying to get him and they shoot out all the glass when they see he has no shoes.

Stories are about creating objectives and oppositions for the characters to try to find clever ways to get out of the situation and to overcome the oppositions. Rinse and repeat. 

Find interesting ways to do this and make the audience care about the characters and the objectives then you will have a nice script.

Depending on the genre it will change the situations and styles and how these are resolved.

Action movies are the same except for a few key differences.

It is faster paced.

Action movies tend to be fast paced and the information is delivered either blunt or repeated several times in case you were distracted by the car chase scene.

Fights scenes are for character and/or story development.

A fight scene in an action movie is responsible for a few things. Yes it is about action skills but it should help the characters and story to be developed. Think about it nearly every film is to get to the next stage of the quest. They knock out the guards and enter the room so they can get the key and then go find the lock, or it is used to help the character, they have to fight the person who killed their friend in an unsanctioned underground fight tournament, this helps them grow as a person or they are knocked down and have to go on a journey of discovery to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Fighting in film can also be shot to reveal more about the actors. Think about this when you are picking your shots.

Explosions are distractions - if in doubt blow something up.

It does a few good things, one is that if you have a problem in the movie and need to get rid of something or to escalate the drama by killing a character the an explosion is definitive.

The other great thing it does is it distracts the audience. Get your character to run around a bit and blow some stuff up and you can be at the next drama scene in no time and the audience will be happy for the quiet scene after the high intensity one.

Taking your audience on a roller coaster of emotions and visual bombardment is part of the action movie genre.

So now you have your script you are gong to need to raise some cash to get this film made.

Good Action Movie Producing - An Action Manual (Get it here)

Is a book to help you find the money and a step by step of making an action movie. 

We look forward to seeing you next action movie

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