How to get a job in Action Movies?

How to get a job in Action Movies?

So how do you do it, how to crack the industry.

We get asked this question a lot. Everyday in fact. So here is the answer.

There is no real answer.

But I can tell you one thing for sure, in over 35 years of working in the film and TV industry I have never once been asked what film school I went to or if I have a degree or not.

None of the others I have worked with have been asked either, the truth is that no one really cares if you spent money and spent time learning from teachers, it means little to us. It shows you have a base knowledge, but that is about it. 

The industry wants to know if you can do the job. 

If you want to Direct then start directing small projects with your mates and build it up to big projects, it is your body of work and reputation on set that gets you the work.

If you want to study then it's ok but honestly it isn't needed. I have also never done a single acting class and yet I have acted in many projects over the years. Go to school for the network if you want but pick a school with teachers who actually have connections and aren't just another failed person who can't do so they teach.

Now having said that there are some jobs on set that you do need to have some qualifications for. Stunts for example do require you to have a skill set and knowledge be it a local standard or even better a government regulation. Safety is another job that requires national accreditation, electrical work is another. So yes there are some jobs you need certification, but not in jobs like directing or acting etc.

Just direct your first project and everything after that is directing jobs and budget.

We live in an online world where no one can stop you from starting your career, you can shoot and distribute your own film easily these days, so why are you waiting for permission from someone else. Just start and gain the experience as you go. There is also an endless amount of knowledge and information these days. just start on YouTube and keep going. You could watch another cat video or you could watch a video on acting techniques or directing. We have action and stunt tutorials on our site for our members, so that's another great place to get the knowledge and skills you need.

Then you just go and practise, that is how all of us have done it. Learn and practise and repeat. Keep experimenting and keep trying new stuff. You don't have to do what others have done in fact we want to see you do something new and that is your best way to stand out.

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We wish you the best in your journey and let us help you to success.

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