John Saxon has passed away, dam it, 2020 sucks

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John Saxon has passed away, dam it, 2020 sucks

John Saxon and Jim Kelly in 'Enter the Dragon.'

John Saxon has been in the film industry for a very long time. He was a teen idol after his role in the movie Rock, Pretty Baby in 1956. This was his break out role that cemented his position in the industry. By 1958 he was receiving 3,000 fan letters a week, which was a bucket load back then.

Sadly Saxon died Saturday July 25, 2020 at the young age of 83. Saxon died of pneumonia in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as it has been announced by his wife Gloria. Saxon has a son, Antonio.

Let's get to his action side. He was an avid martial arts student and trained in Judo and Shotokan Karate, which is a traditional Okinawan style.

He was known for his rugged good looks and charm, which made him a natural fit to play the play boy American in Bruce Lees "Enter The Dragon".
This was Lees first mainstream American movie with Warner Bros and of course his last full film before Bruce died at age 32, way too young.
Saxon played Roper a degenerate gambler who was also invited to to the martial arts tournament .
Saxon although proficient in his disciplines knew his skills were not comparable to Bruce. Saxon is quoted in the 2012 Los Angeles Times saying that Bruce "took him seriously, I would tell him I would rather do it this way and he'd say ok, try it that way".
A good tip how action directors can get the best out of the skills your performers have rather than trying to force new moves that they can't perform smoothly.
Saxon was also handy with a bow and arrow from his side job when in high school. He worked as a spieler at a Coney Island archery concession. Practising in his spare time or quiet times at work I would imagine.  
If that wasn't already enough of a legacy Saxon was also known for his roles in three of the Wes Craven movies A Nightmare on Elm Street. He played the police officer Donald Thompson but was eventually killed by Kruegers skeleton - hahaha a skeleton, you have got to love those films.
So that's the overview and why he is an important figure to the action film fan community. Saxon in Enter The Dragon was not only a great moment in film history but it also built many social bridges between the eastern and western worlds. 
Saxons rise to fame was humble but also a little lucky, and who doesn't love a bit of good luck.
Born August 5, 1936, in Brooklyn as Carmine Orrico to Italian immigrant parents who worked as house painters. Saxon knew that you had to dip deep some days to make it through from growing up in a hard working family and being the eldest of three.
"Brooklyn was a tough place to grow up in, but it taught you survival, and if you were ambitious, it taught you to want better things." - John Saxon
Hard work is great but luck is better.
Saxon was skipping school from New Utrecht High School and catching a movie when he was scouted by a model agent. Good for the genetically blessed. He did some shoots and was eventually noticed by Henry Wilson, a very influential Hollywood agent. Saxon signed with him at the age of 17.
After that he signed to Universal and Saxon became a star of both the big and small screen.
He was a recurring character in Dynasty and in Falcon Crest as Lorenzo Lamas father. Saxon won a Golden Globe in his role opposite Marlon Brando in The Appaloosa in 1966.
The list of A lists actor collaborations and films seems endless for John Saxon
He will be sadly missed for his contribution to the film and TV industry.

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