Last Action Hero - Is it the perfect Action Movie?

Last Action Hero - Is it the perfect Action Movie?

Do you know this film?

I hope you do it's a action classic. Not because it is the greatest movie ever made or the most actiony, but because it has some classic action icons, including of course Arnie but also Charles Dance, Ian McKellen, Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, M.C. Hammer, Robert Patrick, Sharon Stone. Tina Turner and many more.

They packed this movie full of star and they pulled out every action movie cliche they could find to support the action narrative and to also take the mickey out of themselves and the action genre, and why not action is tough, it can take it.

So why is this movie so good. Well it is set in the imagination of an action loving kid, just like I was, and it pulls the icons into his life. This is awesome, how good would it be to be able to get anyone from the movies and bring the into your life? It would be great unless you brought in Freddy Krugger or Jason, because a would not be cool at all, no no at all.

Imagine having Rambo as a mate, maybe not , or your crush, that would be great.

Here is the Synopsis if you don't know - Young Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien) is a big fan of Jack Slater, a larger-than-life action hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. When his best friend, Nick the projectionist (Robert Prosky), gives him a magic ticket to the new Jack Slater movie, Danny is transported into Slater's world, where the good guys always win. One of Slater's enemies, Benedict the hitman (Charles Dance), gets a hold of the ticket and ends up in Danny's world, where he realizes that if he can kill Schwarzenegger, Slater will be no more. Slater and Danny must travel back and stop him.

It hits all the key points and points out the coincidence of action movies verses the difficulty of investigations in the real world.

This film did a lot to separate the fictional world of action and to mock it by placing it in the real world of Danny. The characters have to become self aware to grow and develop in a arch that they may not have if they were in the same old movie playing out the same old routines.

It's a fun film and a great watch, if you have seen it you know how fun it is, if you haven't then give it a watch.

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