Money Makes Movies

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Money Makes Movies

What's the biggest hurdle with making an action movie?

You can pick the star or the script or director, you also need a great producer and every role in the production is included in this list.

There is one thing that makes that happen. I don't want to beat around the bush with you on this one, it's Money.

Yes we all do love projects or favours or even a barter deal working on each others films and commercial gigs so that we can get our movie made.

The truth is that all of these problems can be solved with money. That's it. Get some money and you can make whatever you can afford.

Are you now screaming out, yeah well what about I just grab a camera and go out and just film something. Yep of course you can and even if it's you and your camera filming you doing stuff. It's not free. Your time is worth something and equipment and props have a cost and I know you are going to want something to eat and probably a coffee.

You see even the lowest budget you can think of still costs something, I know it is rough but that is just how it is and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The only free movie making is the one where you sit in a chair quietly and imagine it in your head. Good luck trying to get that in front of an audience. Plus you probably bought the chair.

We all know you can borrow money or try to crowd fund and they have some success, and you really need to have a solid film package together if you are wanting to entice investors and sponsors.

What happens if your feature film is too low budget for serious investors or your short comes up short with raising funds?

Want a simple solution? Talk to us at Action Movie Star TV.

It can sometimes feel like we are working against each other in the industry, competing with each other. Well we don't think like that, we like to collaborate and help each other. Action movie making isn't a zero sum game. There is room enough for everyone. 

Action Movie Star TV community is helping to fund films all around the world, but...

We do have a few main qualifiers.

Firstly it has to be an action movie. It just does, that's what we do and it's what we know. It can be any kind of action movie, but it has to give the stunt and action film creators work.

Secondly you have to be a member to apply for film funding.

This is where some of you will stop and think that we are just running a sales pitch, but keep on reading and you will see why we do it this way.

Money makes movies and money has to come from somewhere. If we are to get bigger money for bigger films then we can source the investors and engaged the services of both internal and external brokers, but the movie we are talking about is not that kind of a project, is it.

We allocate a potion of every members fees to a funding account that our members can apply for to make their unfunded or partial funded short action or low budget feature film.

Not every member wants a film financed at the same time so we have trickle in effect to the pool allowing as many members the opportunity to apply.

Our members are world wide and we have a streaming service available for past and future action movies for our members to increase a consistent return year round.

Total sales pitch done, lol.

Action Movie Star TV is all about supporting the action film community and you.

See you on set 

Action Movie Star TV


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