Never be out of shots in your next nerf war

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Never be out of shots in your next nerf war

You are in the heat of the greatest nerf battle that there ever was. You are hiding in the corner behind the couch and it is down to you and your best mate, but only one can be the victor. They round the corner and you see them but they have their back to you. Standing up you have them in your sights. You are confident and you call out to them because you want to see their face when you fire and it also looks really cool like the movies.

You fire and ... nothing you are out, they aren't and they smile and let you have it.

This could have been avoided and all you needed was one more bullet.

Why not 400?

Safe and soft and handy to load and fits the nerf range of toy guns.

Material: Foam
Type: Toy Machine Gun
Age Range: > 3 years old
Model Number: Toy Gun Soft Bullet Darts
Certification: CE
Size: 72x12mm
Material: EVA Sponge and plastic
Package included: 400 x Soft Bullet Darts

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