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Please let us in, we thought up the action and fights, we chose the angles and how to shoot it but when it comes to post production we don't get brought in to bring the pieces together to bring the magic.

It's crazy right, but it happens early every time.

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It's a tough decision but let's get the safety aspect out of the way.

If they are not being safe and they are wanting things to be done or performed in a way that puts you or others at harm then you should not be in that project.

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Action films illicit a response like no other. People can't wait for an action movie to come out but only a few are waiting on this drama or that romance, our only competition is comedy.

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Just sitting here looking at a blank screen. Yes I have ideas, but I just can't decide what to write about. What is my approach, my angle and from whose point of view will I take.
It's not that we don't have a thought but the idea isn't convincing enough to warrant siting down.

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Imagine knowing that your life was taking off in a big way and you are fighting stage three cancer and rather than giving up you went to work on these films until your final breath.

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