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Action films illicit a response like no other. People can't wait for an action movie to come out but only a few are waiting on this drama or that romance, our only competition is comedy.

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on set with explosions and guns firing blanks, well it's awesome. Pretending that there is an explosion or muzzle flash is less fun, but in many ways much better.

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That is pretty much film making You just repeat that over and over until you have all the shots that you need and there is nothing left to film.

Then it's time to treat the team with a wrap party.

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John Saxon has had a great life in films and a solid enthusiasm for the martial arts and was a key role in Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee. Sadly he has passed away at 83 years young.

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Is the sword the perfect natural weapon?

Agree or not, a sword is definitely a legendary weapon that has earned it's place to be in the hands of skilled fighters.

So why is it called the perfect extension of the body?

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