Using Guns on set, what do you need to know.

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Using Guns on set, what do you need to know.

Recently a country singer was killed on set when he had a gun with live rounds in his pocket and it fired killing him and injuring another.

"Country star accidentally shoots himself dead filming music video"

"Rising country star Justin Carter is dead, the result of a tragic accident that happened while he was filming his latest music video."

So why did this happen?

Well I would have to ask, was there an armourer, or a stunt coord or a safety officer on set? If there was there is no way they should have allowed a live gun on set.

How could he have got the look he wanted without the danger?

If you just want the look then empty the gun, if you want to see bullets, then use dummy rounds that don't have any powder or firing mechanisms so they can't fire.

This is a tragic accident that didn't need to happen. 

If you are ever on set and they are using live rounds then get the hell out of there. This is a job and your life is worth more than someone's ego or unfair demands.

So be smart and use professionals and follow their guidance and always make sure they show you the gun is empty and that they are using blanks and that you have been shown that they clean the barrel so that remaining fragments from previous fires can't fly out of the gun as a projectile.

You can always use non firing theatrical guns or toy guns, but check for modification laws and painting or removing the red cap can be considered a firearm offence in certain areas and you can end up in jail.

Guns are great and in action films we use them all the time but they do require more care and using and paying for a professional can save you so much more money and problems down the line.

We are so sorry to hear about this tragic death and we wish his family and all those affected by this tragedy all the best to recover from this event.

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