What sucks about Action Movies?

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What sucks about Action Movies?

Whoa hey back off man! Action Movies are the best!

Are they though, are they really?

Yes of course they are, but they aren't without their problems. Which is good to know if you want to get out there and make better action films for the marketplace.

We thought how would we know what people don't like because over here at Action Movie Star TV we love all action movies and our members are the same and they are a crazy community of action people. So we couldn't ask them so we decided to go to Reddit and have a look around and see what they are saying. Here are a few posts from people and what they hate about action movies, let's play along together.

OK here is the first one, get ready, steady and go shaky baby.

I hate it when film-makers think that shaky-cam and fast-cutting automatically equals good action

Have to agree here. It is a solid film tool to use and it can help you to get the audience in on the action. However it is easy to over use and it can also take the audience out of the action as it is too confusing and they can no longer follow along with the story. If done well it can make a performer look faster and more skilled then they are. However sometimes it's better to take more time in rehearsals to get your actors up to a higher quality so you can shoot with less shake and you can still get the actors face on screen. 

Ok that wasn't too bad, let's go to the next one.

Probably because there is a promise of great action, great music, and great story. We see it in the preview, but when we get there we get slow, bogged down, bad tales with boring storylines.

Also valid point.

Here is the problem, the trailer sells the film and tells the general story and you need to put your best foot forward.

For an audience they have an expectation of bigger things to come, but if you have put it all in the trailer already then the chances are they have already seen it. The film didn't climb, it didn't take them somewhere new. We have all had the conversation "no point in watching this film because if you have seen the trailer you have seen the movie."

How do we fix this?

It's obvious, don't put everything in the movie in the trailer and the best way to do this is to plan the trailer and don't make it a post production after thought. I can't tell you have many times I have been editing a film and I am told to just grab anything and put it in the trailer. I'm sitting in the edit suit like, ok, so what market, what audience etc, don't you want to get your marketing people in here, after all they probably have some kind of a strategy.

Your trailer is very important so plan it out just as carefully as you plan the movie. Get the right audience and they will come away from the film feeling like they have connected.

Next one

I just recently saw Edgar Wrights “Baby Driver” and can say it stood out among all the movies I’ve seen in the last 3 years because the story was amazing and simple, the action was fantastic and not CGI, and the music in the movie was not the tunes we always hear daily on the radio. It showed creativity. That is something lacking in so many movies these days!

Story has come up again.

We do like a simple story but you have to tell it in a unique way. Change the characters up. Give them weird jobs or personality traits. Force them into a situation. Yes we want to see all the action come through but we don't want to be bored by the story but we also don't want to be challenged too much as we are here for the action, we aren't watching a drama. Keep your themes strong simple and universal so that language and culture aren't a barrier to the marketplace.

CGI verses live action.

That's tough as some films need it. Trust me from a stunt persons point of view, there is just some stuff we can't do. If we tried we would only do it once and nothing ever again, if you know what I mean. So CGI does have it's place, but there is a lot of things we can achieve with some training, a studio and some cables.

Live action always looks good but if the actor isn't able to pull it off, then you just can't do it. Trying will just slow down production and annoy everyone, it's just not worth it. Use a stuntie and pick shots you can show the actors face and simple action.

This is the difference between an actor, a stunt person and an action star. They are three different things and they all have their benefits and their drawbacks.

I couldn't agree more about music.

We love to hear our favourite songs, but sometimes they are over used and from a producers point of view can be expensive. So you better weight up the pros and the cons.

The great thing about the world we live in is that we are now so used to watching people we don't know or listening to music we have never heard. We are really open to it in films these days, so be creative and make your music part of the soundtrack of the film and not just something popular slapped on top in a way to grab a audience demographic. You can also use this to help support the up and coming talent in the music industry.

Ok this next one is punchy.

from a political comedic standpoint: Liberal pussification.

Well what do you think? Are we self censoring films so that we don't get blacklisted and shadow banned?

I think some do and some don't. I guess the problem here is that you can't cater to everyone and once you have made a film, it is made and if it in the marketplace and societies sensibilities change then you now have a problem.

You really have to make a decision. Can your film be made and not upset people and still stay true to itself and internal integrity.

Tough one. You can understand why a big movie machine like Hollywood has to play the game while pushing people a little. 

As an independent you have more freedom but you have to know  your audience and make sure your film is catered to them. If you put in too much stuff that goes against your audience demographic, then you won't sell your film or gain a audience base, which really is the game that we play as action filmmakers.

This one is formatted nicely so points to them for that one, plus they put forward their ideas of what they like about action movies :-)

  • SIMPLE Entertainment that strikes a chord with the masses!
  • Their plots are simple, have no need to be remembered and you can start the movie from the middle without loosing grip of the story line.
  • They Lack Suspense so can be watched again and again!
  • The Graphics, Humour and Action Quotient makes it power packed entertainment which is simple to understand and easier to gulp down!
  • Making jokes on facts that the action is fake is also Entertaining

Quite simply… Come home from a hard day at work, you are exhausted and are in need of simple entertainment. It is obvious you would rate Mad Max: Fury Road above some dull, serious kind of movie.

So it turns out that they things that are annoying are also the things that we love about them. How confusing.

Action movie fans want the same thing as everyone else. Take us on a journey and entertain us and if we learn about ourselves, others and the world along the way then that is even better.

And for the love of all things holy, enough with the shaky cam already hahaha

Stay Cool

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