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Remain, Complain or Change
These are your choices in life, and this mug is a great reminder for you to stay on track and to make positive moves in your life.
This traditional style 24 oz beer glass is generously sized with starburst design on the bottom, with plenty of room for beer or any other choice beverage.
This is our own brand and one of our mottos around the office, so you can only get this from us at Action Movie Star TV.
Now is the perfect time for us to tell you about us.
You already know what a stubbie holder is, we get it, we do too.
We are a Action production company based in the beautiful area of Bondi Australia. 
We help action filmmakers with opportunities and financing and your sales here go to help fund the action film scene across the globe in the small way we can. 
That's us you can check it out by going here Action Movie Star TV
We want to thank you for your support and so does the community
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