Inflatable Cervical Traction Neck Stretcher

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Does your head ever feel heavy?

Do you need a way to let your neck rest but you still have to do some work?

You know what I'm guilty of or at least was.

I would roll up a towel and make a snake and wrap that around my neck and overlap it so that the towel would take the weight of my head and my neck could rest and I could keep typing.

The problem with that is it's not a good fit and sometimes you don't have any towels.

So I got one of these blow up traction ones.

Now when I have a sore neck from training or work but still need to keep my head up I give my neck a rest and let it recover.

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Inflatable Cervical Traction Neck Stretcher

Application: Neck
Material: Flannel,Emulsion
Product Name: Inflatable cervical traction device
Type: Air cervical traction
Applicable: Neck and shoulder
Suitable Group: Man and women
Color: Brown
Effect: Release pain from illness, neck massage relaxation
Packaging: Ziplock bag
Suitable Crowd: Office workers, seniors, neck pain

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It Is fast to Chelyabinsk region for 11 days. In good quality.


19 October ordered. 2 November received. Works fine. Satisfied with item.


All OK, vіdpovіdaє Shvydko shipping, zamovlyu Shte своїм друзям


The item was superb and good. Immensely pleasing packaging. Delivery was superb. Item is of first-rate quality.


Fast shipping-the next day after the order. Delivery of order-24 days (tolerance). Thing (will call her pillow)))) is an interesting. Long, of course, no diarrhea-pressure. Although the first time about 7 minutes sat in it-and it seems a bit easier with the neck was… Let 'S See-will in the evening wear, whether a change. The complaints. The touch and visual-all pretty good quality.