Long Handled LED Flashing Umbrella

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So what this is, right?

Picture this you are in a public place with friends or your children and you get separated.

Bam on goes the led umbrella and you can see them easily and reconnect and safely and calmly solve the situation.

This 23 inch long handled LED umbrella is great for night protection.

 It has another function we like and that is safety, we are big on safety ion the film action industry. 

You can use this as a torch in those moments when more light on a wet night is a good thing including a lit baton for breakdowns or accidents to assist other drivers.

You know how sometimes people "mistakenly" grab someones umbrella, well it's going to be pretty obvious if they grab yours.

Plus of course it's an umbrella so in a pinch and with some ninja skills you can use it to defend yourself.



Panel Material: Pongee
Pattern: Long-handle Umbrella
Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella
Control: Non-automatic Umbrella
Material: Plastic